Having chaired as the director/owner of Bright Side Gallery for almost 7 years, art historian and art collector Marloes van Vugt (1981) has been working in the art scene for many years.

After her graduation at the University of Amsterdam (art history, MA) in 2008, she started working as Project Manager for a Dutch cultural organization company. In 2010 Van Vugt switched career paths as she was asked to take over Walls Gallery, located in the city centre of Amsterdam. 

The gallery was founded in 2003 as an exhibition space where artists could rent a piece of wall to exhibit their work. With the take-over by Van Vugt Walls became a gallery with a carefully curated exhibition program. The gallery, since 2016 under the name of Bright Side Gallery, was dedicated to the promotion of early and mid-career artists; all unique in their own media, style and themes. In November 2016 Bright Side closed her doors.

From January 2017 onwards Van Vugt headed in a new direction by turning over her role as gallerist into one of art consultant all based on her experience and knowledge of the most recent developments in the art and design world. In addition to the art consultancy services, Van Vugt takes care of Hans van Bentem's business management and agency.

Photo by Marie Wanders

Photo by Marie Wanders

Interview FRAEMd online gallery - March 2017

'Meet Marloes van Vugt… avid art collector, art historian, ex gallery owner and mother to be. FRAEMd paid Marloes a visit in her little Amsterdam apartment in De Pijp so that (as always) we could get a swig of art inspiration from someone who was truly passionate about following and supporting young artists.'